Innovation Data

Real-time, machine learning algorithm able to deliver priceless data on cleantech innovation in industry(s) of your choosing.

Competitive Landscape

We can format, clean, validate, and publish finance, patenting, and R&D data for your firm within several weeks.

Policy Analytics

We have an algorithm specifically built to show “policy-induced” innovation of clean technologies allowing policy-makers and researchers to understand the “real technological” impacts of climate policies.


We have access to over 10 million patents, over 1000 unique climate policies, and both private and public R&D data levelized according to 2010 dollars across all platforms. Our algorithms work to mend these features of the overall clean-tech innovation system. We rely on peer-reviewed quantitative methodologies to perform sophisticated data inquiry and analysis using Monte-Carlo computational methods. Check out some of our data visualization techniques here.

Explore our other products

We known innovation. Our sister company, IP Check-ups, has been busy wrangling, culling, and publishing data for fortune 500 companies for well over two decades. Send a quick note to the email below-our team will respond within 24 hours. Click here for cleantech data output, propensity of country to import/export clean technologies: indexes_ct_inno