We are here to help. Please read through the FAQs carefully and if your question is not answered do not hesitate to send an email (innovate@innovationcleantech.com)

120% Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with our product after three months, we offer your money back plus 20%. No worries, no questions asked.

What geographical regions do you cover?

We cull data mostly on OECD countries, BRIICS, and China. This is due to the simple reason that over 90% of clean technologies are developed and exported to these countries. But a client can be from anywhere.

How do I use your system? Do I need a high level of computer skills?

Our system is set up to deliver fast results to users of all abilities. Indeed we do return some results in XLS format, but we also provide shiny and colorful graphics/charts to accompany the hard data.

Do you have an APP?

We are in the process of building our IOS and Google App available by the end of 2017. It will give instant access and customized searches to all clients, and you'll be able to forward docs directly to your email.

How do you measure "innovation"?

Innovation is measured through our proprietary algorithm. It involves a complex method of patent-counting (with a certain decay rate for older patents) combined with R&D investments by firm and by country over a number of years. All aspects of our algorithms are validated by peer-reviewed academic articles and research projects (many from the OECD).

Do you write research reports?

Yes. We return cleaned and presentable data as a result of your customized search. We are able to also provide publishable white papers. These cost from $5-7k.

How much does your subscription cost and what does this include?


Yearly subscription for 2 users starts at €39k. Large company subscription with 5+ users is $99k/year.

What do I get for subscription?

You get access to our Clean-Tech platform which is able to perform customized searches across multiple clean technologies, throughout 40+ countries and covering 40+ years. Our data on battery technologies goes back even further. You'll also gain full access to our App, which is a simplified version of the desktop software. Last, you'll have access to 24 hour customer care able to walk you through search processes.

What industries do you analyze?

Our niche is clean technologies including all renewable energy sectors (wind offshore and onshore, solar PV, solar CSP, solar thermal, hybrid solar, geothermal, hydro, wave, tidal, and other experimental RE), all battery technologies, and other storage technologies (hydro and pump). We also have a good handle on IoT internet-of-things software related to incorporation of clean-tech into the grid.