Our Approach

We don't like Excel; in fact, at times we absolutely despise it. That's because our software can handle about 25k times the amount of data Excel can. But we don't converting these complex data into easily communicated and lucid presentations for the standard Microsoft Suite (Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).

We LOVE sinking into data on clean technologies. Our staff consists of PhD's and MBA's who've built their career investigating which companies are most rapidly developing clean-tech, how much they're worth (or not worth), and why. We've also built an algorithm able to distinguish induced-innovation effects from variegated climate policies.

That way you can safely make that bet on a relatively unknown Korean technology company who only last year began producing cutting-edge solar panels in mainland China. Or, simply rest easy knowing your presentation of this stuff will be built for your boss by Monday.  You'll look like you never sleep. Heck, you might even get a raise.

Our Story

We awoke and discovered it's not the climate, stupid! Rather, it is firms, investors, and knowledge about these data. We frankly do not care much about climate change politics. But we do care about you making profit on your investments.

We've evolved out of a larger company, IP-Checkups, and several PhD dissertations to form this new niche company.


Have you used Evernote? No? Well it is worth a try. If you have, then you know how our pricing works. Per month is cheap, per year is a bit cheaper. For University researchers we have some great offers because we think you'll give us vital feedback on our services.